Wednesday, August 05, 2009


So, I am actually posting in less than a months time, wow, what is really going on? Anyways, I am taking a quick break from studying for my rating exam that I have to take in September. This is what is going to determine if I am going to even ever be able to scrap again. Yeah its that big of a deal. The test is September 6th and I can pass it all I want, I have to be to score high enough to advance. This is the very last time I can take this test. If I do not advance, I will be discharged from the Navy in February. So please keep me in your prayers, I definitely need them all.

Now to better news....Scrapbooking!!!!! It's just one project today, which you can also catch on our blog Iftheshoefits...scrapit! Where we give you prizes just for doing something you love!
Also be sure to check us out, because.....well, I can't tell you now, but let me just say we have a few changes coming up.
Okay so I have not done this in awhile. My random off topic rants.
Fast Food (which I need to stay clear of) - Why, oh why, is it that when you put in your order and it gets to you and it is wrong, it is YOUR fault? Even when you go in with the nicest attitude and just ask if they can make it correct, they prepare to beat you at getting mad? Note to self- STOP EAT FAST FOOD.
Clothes - Why is it that your clothes look so much cuter on you in the store than at home? Maybe I should plan all my outings at the store.
Last but not least, is Facebook not the most addictive thing right now? LOL, alright, Goodnight everyone!

Someting nice and simple.


~EssenseVibez~ said...

Gurl, thank you so much for stopping by my place--my blog was getting a lil' overwhelming for me--plus i need to focus on gettin myself back in order because i return to work august 24th after a 2 month vacation {summer's off}--but i will return with projects completed and assignments turned in for the design team i'm on--

good luck with your test--stay focused--i will tell you one thing to do before you do taake the test, PRAY--that God guides your heart and your mind--i will be praying for you as well--keep me posted with emails--love ya much!

Marcie said...

Great layout! Love the background paper with the pink skulls!