Thursday, November 12, 2009

The New New November 18th!!!

Hey ladies, I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I want to thank everyone for the kind concerns of my last post and if you have not seen please make sure to check it out, I believe it is very important that the word gets out. Her site is steadily growing. Remember if you need the name of where I do NOT shop please send me an email.

Now on to some new and exciting news, we have a new log on the block! Whats even more cooler is that I am part of it's design team! Some of you may know the owner, her name is Terry Oulboub she owns Tellen's Place! She has teamed up with her very talented son to bring some fresh new digital stamp designs to you! I am telling you, they have their own uniqueness to them and so very cute! Make sure to check out her Etsy Store with hers and her son's wonderful digi creations @ TellensDesigns

Here is a little verbage from her blog:

We've already started preparing for our
FiRst challenge, which will be on November 18th! For this challenge, I will post a new image and guess what - it's free! I want you to try out Tellen's Designs digital images so you can see how much fun you can have with it. We will bring you samples so that you can see how versatile it is to put these images to paper.
followers will be entered into a fabulous prize giveaway of delicious Blog Candy! Remember, it's Terry's birthday next Tuesday, so the pot will be growing. Wanna see a picture? Well, stay tuned...and you'll see the goods soon enough. ;P

AND - if you send a follower, make sure that person leaves a comment to say YOU sent her so that you can be in a special blog candy prize specifically for those recommending
Tellen's Place Challenge blog!

Don't forget to grab our button so that you can plaster it on your blog so others will know where to come and have fun! Stay tuned...

Now so another important message does not get lost, if you have not checked out this link make sure you do and get the word out! Buyer Beware

Do you like copics? Have you ever tried them? Well if you do or you have or even have not, lol, you need to purchase them from this store, Michelle's Scrapbooking & More!
I am telling you, fast shipping, great customer service, and some of everything and the prices are great! Especially on her Copics, and if you find them cheaper she will take 10% off the price that you have found. Go to her site for more details. She also runs ThePixieCottage
and they have a challenge going on right now! Go see them! Tell Michelle I said hi!
Now I hope everyone has not forgotten about Wendy over at Digital-doodling! Her drawing are A+ and she also holds challenges on her new digital stamps as well, so please show her some love and follow follow follow! You will not be dissapointed.

Omg what a storm we have been having here! The winds have been
crazy, the bases have been closed and the kiddies out of school for the last couple of days! I had a tree on the side of my house fall, and have had a power outage for about 12 or so hours yesterday, the biggest part is hopefully over. Here are some pics I took today before work.


Jean Marie said...

MY GOODNESS!! What a storm...hope all is well now.
TFS the store links :)

Jacqui said...

Congrats on the DT post :) I am sure you will have a wonderful time there with Terry...

We also have a storm here but it is 2.12 am in the morning so will see all the damage tomorrow.. they say up to 80 mile winds.. so hope you are keeping safe...take care x

Terry Oulboub said...

Oooh, love the post, Tanisha! That was a nasty storm - hopefully no one was hurt. That's the thing about winter - the storms come. Ugh!

Lisa aka Allissa said...

Hi ya Tanisha, just seeing this from lat goodness me...a bit to close to home eh! glad no real damage was done to your home.

Mother Nature's upset again.

Big Hugs