Monday, September 21, 2009

Christmas in September???

I know right? Well it's okay because this challenge came from Miss lesley over at Simply Scrapping! We were to do a christmas card and the the only stipulation was that we incorporate the color PINK in it. That was hard for me, because I definitely never associate pink and christmas together. That like mixing peanut butter and tomatoes together, ewwww! But I actually like how it came out, lol, even though I used the bare minimum.

Make sure you hop on over there to see the rest of their September challenges, along with a fabulous prize.
Now there is a new blog I happened to stumble upon, The Pixie Cottage. They have some of the most fabulous stamps I have ever seen, some from their own line as well as some from other manufacturers.
So earlier this week, guess who I got to see. Jamie Foxx!!! A friend of mine and I went to see him at the Hampton Colleseum here in Virginia. They had a comedian come out first, (who was so hiliarious) and then the show began. let me tell you, he looks the exact same in person as he does on the screen. The show consisted of just him and his backup singers, which I would not be surprised if they came out with their own album. They could blow!

Over all the concert was great! I have been having a really great week over all, who could ask for more? I got to go to a Nascar race with some really great friends, I got to see Jamie Foxx and I got to see a great fight this weekend! Of course my man Floyd Mayweather brought it on home! Sorry if you are not a Mayweather fan, I know he is arrogant, but I thin khe has earned a right to be. Now I just need to here some DT news (hopefully good) and test resluts from an exam i took back early September and all will be good.



Michelle said...

Tanisha this card is darling!

Scrapaddict said...

Wow, Jamie Foxx! You say he looks the same as on screen so I know he was true eye candy! I would like to see him, Eddie Murphy and Denzel then I can die a happy woman! Sorry not a fan of boxing and haven't followed since Evander left the circuit, but sounds like you had a really great week. BTW your card is really nice, the snowman and sno-woman are so cute!

~EssenseVibez~ said...

gurl, your card is too cute--you should start your own card club--hahaha

almondeyez2000 said...

Thank you ladies for the kind comments! Essense, If you knew how many cards I had stacked up here, lol!