Monday, September 07, 2009

Projects of August

So, why is it I am always on here when I should be asleep! I have to be up to go get killed by my trainer at 9:30! Which, I guess isn't sooo bad, when I am usually up by 5:00 am to be ready for work, lol.
Anywho, I know I said I was going to post my pic today, well, I forgot and the day got away from me, I am definitely not going to take one now, lol, so probably tomorrow.
Now on to some scrapping! I have some stuff here that I did early and mid August, I had forgot all about them that quick, silly me. So here they are...
This kit was given to us by a great Sponsor we had over at Scrap-a-doodle-doo!I love the pic I did here to distress it, try using your photo program to make it look like an old photograph, then throw some crackle accent on it.

This one is self explainatory, all I am going to say, is that you will probably see a million LO's with her in this damn shirt! Elmooooo, Elmooooo! One of her favorite characters. Well of course I had to get this shirt for her, before leaving Disney World, probably would have been cheaper at Walmart!
This was in my (wannabe Anne Geddes) photography days, lmao!! I would buy her all kinds of hats and such and photograph here like crazy! Well this little hat, I thought was just too cute, only cost me a few bucks on ebay ( a great place to shop for baby clothes, sometime, lol). She is sitting in her little baby swing, probably waiting for this session to be over! Who says girls cant wear Green?!

This is my baby girl Nya, just a bunch of different random elements, its a shame I can't tell you by who, because I get sooo excited when I buy stuff I throw the wrappers away as soon as I use the product, lol.


Tracey said...

haha, i know why chesapeake was on ur blog before....wasn't me til NOW!! LOL! someone else we know and love lives in chesapeake! (karen!!!) anyways...good to see u updateing!!! im starting to get excited for this weekend!!! yay!

Cindy Lee said...

Hi Tanisha! Thanks for visiting me! So sweet of you to leave me a comment! I had fun looking through yours :)

Execumama said...

Wow, those are beautiful!! The first one "Butterfly Kisses" is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your talent with the bloggy world :) I'm a wannabe scrapper, but just never made the time to dig into it.

Wendy M said...

Lovely, lovely scrapbook pages xx