Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Another day in the life of moi!

So I get a fab award from my friend Lesley yesterday. Talk about too excited! It's my first so I could not help it. Pretty cool huh? Here it is.
Next Topic~ My mom is here! Yay me! I love my mom with my heart and soul, and knows she feels the same about me. So it's pretty cool for her close up her home to come live with us for about a year. We can all keep each other company no matter how crazy we may drive each other, lol. She has already started on a war path, but, in a good way. Today, she covered up the evidence of mydaughters first wall art! Go mom! Oh don't even let me get started on my room! I felt like I was living in her house. But my mom is reat, she keeps me focus and clutter free (which is our next project).
Next Topic~ So I went on Vacation a few weeks back, so my goal is to show at least one pic from the vacation in every post. Enjoy ~ Leave a comment if ya don't mind, I'd love to hear what you think.

Next Topic~ I love my Kids, know matter how bad they pluck that last nerve (especially when I am trying to scrap, lol! I guess thats the best time for them.
Next Topic~ So I am on a mission to lose weight, I am sooo winning so far, thats all I am saying for now. Will definitely keep my progress posted!

Next topic~ So there is great new blog (So I hear) lol, called "If the shoe fits...scrap it I think you should check it out!

Next topic~ I mean it!
Next Topic~ So, did I mention that the blog was started by four friends of mine and myself? Well, Kristy had a challenge this past Monday. It was a sketch challenge and I had sooo much fun with it! This was my take on it.
Next Topic~ There is a Wenesday card challenge that I am hosting now!!! Come check it out, we would love to see you there.
Next Topic~ Going to bed now, because I do need to work in less than 4 hours!! Goodnight



redoaklines said...

great project! love your style.


Lasting Memories Scrapbooking said...

hey tanisha! miss you girl and congrads on the dt! we need to catch up soon