Friday, October 17, 2008

Up Close and Personal

Here is another one of my favorites so far. I think also because this is my first time ever playing with raw chipboard and it was quite as hard as I thought, (once a friend gave me a little tip) Thanks Tracey!

There is a few more touches that I want to add to this LO, before I consider it complete. The LO to me is saying either love me or hate with all my flaws! In a million years would I ever thought about taking a picture of myself that close-up. I would have thought, "Are you crazy, I dont want people to see my freckles"! But over the years, I have learned to embrace them, and hey, I would not be me without them.

I absolutely loved working with the Hambly, it makes you think outside of the box, lol! I have more, just cooking up ideas on how to use them, they will really put your creativity to the test!

Now I know my creator didn't make no mistakes on me. Every Frecles on my face is where it supposed to be. - India Arie

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nya in The Spring

This is another LO, I had done not too long ago, but something felt like it was missing. So a few nights ago I went back and touched it up. It felt like I gave it a whole new makeover. I am really happy with the outcome and feel myself growing as a scrapper everyday.

I really love these pictures of Nya because they are just so natural and not forced(like I have to do with my 7 year old son, lol). With Nya, I dont have to hear, "Can I do a silly pose"? LOL! If I let him, every pose would be silly, but thats him, so I guess I should just let him be, right?

And Then There Were Two!

So yes, it has been awhile since I have blogged (got to better). But so much has happened since. Well I have moved from good ole Maryland down to Virginia! Big difference! I dont feel so home sick for Florida anymore, because Virginia Beach is such a big city and it reminds me of Jacksonville, Fl.

Well today, I finally checked into my command, so hi ho, hi ho, it back to work I go. Less time to scrap, not! I will find time.

This LO was done months ago at a crop I attended in N.J. and that my hubby was so nice to drive me there, but his sister lived not to far, so it worked out!