Sunday, June 21, 2009

I know it's been awhile!

I am so sorry for not updating in so long, but I live a busy life, lol. When I say busy, I mean BUSY. So I am able to type now without feeling tired, lol, and share a little of what I have managed to accomplish since my last post.

Quick update also: I fell (bad knees)at work Friday afternoon (June 19th) and freakin broke my right hand ring finger nail in half. I did not even notice until another person on the flight line with me pointed in out. I think I was more embarrassed than anything. Sooooo, I am sent to medical, and they tell me (yes, you guessed it) they have to stick me with needles to numb my finger so they can pull the rest of the nail off! I started freaking out, because one, I think they are going to stick the needle in my nail or near it. But, no the did not after many tears and the bravery of tearing it off myself (it was already detached, just hanging). So they stick me at the base of the finger (still hurt) numbed it up and cleaned it out, gave me good drugs and sent me home. Needless to say this has been a very long couple of days living with this crippled finger, lol. Why is it when you hurt a body part, you and everyone else seem to focus on causing it more pain? Such as my daughter stepping on it (by accident of course).
Now on an awesome note, I have received another great award from a great blogger! You should check out her blog. Her name is Janice and her work is wonderful! Here is her blog. Thanks again Janice and thanks for being patient with me. The Navy is a very busy world!

So here is some of my work, I managed to squeeze out.

Hope you enjoy!

Well I have more, I just cannot post right now, because we have not released them on our blog yet, so make sue you come on over and visit our blog " Iftheshoefitsscrapit " or visit our forum where we have great challenges going on as well from our DT and our GD. We are also looking for GD (guest designers) so please come to them blog for rules on what you need to do. Hope to see ya there!