Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cutie Pie Stamp Alert! (Sarah Kay)

So I was able to steal my laptop long enough to post this card, lol, and I am still being rushed to hurry up because we do need to go to the store, lol. So I am going to make this short, (hopefully) and sweet. I ordered this stamp from ThePixieCottage and I must say, this pic does not do it justice! Michelle carries many lines, as well as her own! Be sure to go over and check them out, the link to her store will be on the link above.

So I colored this image using Copic Markers in a mix with Bic Markers, I got the idea of the Bic markers from a friend Leslie, they work great! Now, I am not really good with them yet, but, I do plan on practicing a lot more in the future, as I only own FIVE Copics, lol!! This card was a rush job, so I could throw it up real quick and show you the stamp.

If you are a true expert or consider yourself one on the use of these markers, please lend me your expertise! I do appreciate positive critiques, if you would like to offer them in private, you can email them Thanks for looking!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

A New Blog For Ya To Check Out!

So once again in one of my many late night blog hops, lol, I have stumbled upon a super cute blog that I recommend you check out, especially if you need some card making inspiration. I think I have had scrappers block more than ever these past few months, lol, I don' know what it is? But you are sure to snap out of it once you have visited Cheryl's page! Also check out this link of hers awesome cards!!

Right now she is offering some really cool Blog Candy (Which I never partake in, guess I never have a chance, lol) that you should check out! Have fun and look at all the gorgeous projects she has created!

Alright ladies, dont forget to head on over to The Shoe for the new weeks challenge, I will try to updte agian this weekend!

Friday, September 25, 2009

My Fall Card!!!

Okay ladies, I am cheating tonight! I am soo tired, had a long workout, played around on face book and I definitely had to get my housewives of Atlanta in! So, I am gong to need you to play along tonight, or tomorrow, which ever and head over on The Shoe link and look at my card, along with the rest of the girls! Play along as well! Take care, until later!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Christmas in September???

I know right? Well it's okay because this challenge came from Miss lesley over at Simply Scrapping! We were to do a christmas card and the the only stipulation was that we incorporate the color PINK in it. That was hard for me, because I definitely never associate pink and christmas together. That like mixing peanut butter and tomatoes together, ewwww! But I actually like how it came out, lol, even though I used the bare minimum.

Make sure you hop on over there to see the rest of their September challenges, along with a fabulous prize.
Now there is a new blog I happened to stumble upon, The Pixie Cottage. They have some of the most fabulous stamps I have ever seen, some from their own line as well as some from other manufacturers.
So earlier this week, guess who I got to see. Jamie Foxx!!! A friend of mine and I went to see him at the Hampton Colleseum here in Virginia. They had a comedian come out first, (who was so hiliarious) and then the show began. let me tell you, he looks the exact same in person as he does on the screen. The show consisted of just him and his backup singers, which I would not be surprised if they came out with their own album. They could blow!

Over all the concert was great! I have been having a really great week over all, who could ask for more? I got to go to a Nascar race with some really great friends, I got to see Jamie Foxx and I got to see a great fight this weekend! Of course my man Floyd Mayweather brought it on home! Sorry if you are not a Mayweather fan, I know he is arrogant, but I thin khe has earned a right to be. Now I just need to here some DT news (hopefully good) and test resluts from an exam i took back early September and all will be good.


Monday, September 14, 2009

One For All & All For One! Adventures Of The New 3 Musketeers!

Sooooooo, I have went to my very first Nascar race and it was a trip!! I had so much fun, I can still hardly contain myself just writing this. most of you Nascar junkies probably know what I mean, those who don't, GO TO A RACE one time and I promise you will be hooked!
I even got to hug Tracey's man!! Micheal Waltrip. LOL!!! But she wasn't mad, because he hugged her first!!! He even knew who she was, she had to deliver the fan club binders to him.

First let me say to my girl Tracey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Next thanks Tracey and Leslie Thank You for inviting me, though I was a little skeptic in the beginning, all doubts and have been quickly erased! My husband and my co-worker even got a chance to go and it was their first time as well!

Let me just say I think we were the luckiest people on earth that day!! We got to go to a post race celbration and actually get to talk to some of the drivers, such as Jeff Gordan, Mark Martin (who i have adopted as my driver, lol) and even Denny found time to come have answer some questions for us! now I say us, I mean about 160 of US, lol, but compared to how many people were actually at the race, those numbers are pretty damn good! Thanks to Tracey, her and les had already had VIP passes and such a funny story on how we scored 3 more with her phone and her shirt and me sweet talking the guy into getting one more! So make sure you check out her blog periodically, because she is sure to tell it! She has a pic of miss Sprint Cup pointing me out to Mark Martin!! I swear I was so nervous!!! What will I do at the Jamie Foxx concert later this week, lol!!

We sat up front, so I got excellent pics of the interviews! So as I update I will throw a few pics in. This was such a great experience, I am still in awe!

We still have a challenge going on over at "If the shoe fits scrap it" so come check it out, I still have my challenge going on here (sketch) remember make your own interpretations. Check out Tracey's and Leslie's blogs to hear more of our Nascar weekend!


Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Something New I Am Trying

Well, the vacation is over! I have to return back to work tomorrow and I am still up, why? I still have much to do before I turn in. Well one is this, I am going to try to post a sketch challenge once a week on my blog, for right now, there will not be a particular day I post, nor a prize (for right now). Just thought it would be something fun to do, as well as show off some sketches I have learned to do.

Remember your project does NOT have to be exact, just let it inspire you!! Have Fun~


Post a link in the comments to your project and I will upload them here.

LSP Sketch #1

Monday, September 07, 2009

Projects of August

So, why is it I am always on here when I should be asleep! I have to be up to go get killed by my trainer at 9:30! Which, I guess isn't sooo bad, when I am usually up by 5:00 am to be ready for work, lol.
Anywho, I know I said I was going to post my pic today, well, I forgot and the day got away from me, I am definitely not going to take one now, lol, so probably tomorrow.
Now on to some scrapping! I have some stuff here that I did early and mid August, I had forgot all about them that quick, silly me. So here they are...
This kit was given to us by a great Sponsor we had over at Scrap-a-doodle-doo!I love the pic I did here to distress it, try using your photo program to make it look like an old photograph, then throw some crackle accent on it.

This one is self explainatory, all I am going to say, is that you will probably see a million LO's with her in this damn shirt! Elmooooo, Elmooooo! One of her favorite characters. Well of course I had to get this shirt for her, before leaving Disney World, probably would have been cheaper at Walmart!
This was in my (wannabe Anne Geddes) photography days, lmao!! I would buy her all kinds of hats and such and photograph here like crazy! Well this little hat, I thought was just too cute, only cost me a few bucks on ebay ( a great place to shop for baby clothes, sometime, lol). She is sitting in her little baby swing, probably waiting for this session to be over! Who says girls cant wear Green?!

This is my baby girl Nya, just a bunch of different random elements, its a shame I can't tell you by who, because I get sooo excited when I buy stuff I throw the wrappers away as soon as I use the product, lol.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

The Time Travelers Wife

Wow! Is all I could say about this movie. Well... maybe not, the move was definitely a must see and with your significant other at that! Now if you liked The Butterfly Effect & The Lake House (definite chick flick) you will absolutely have to add this to your collection and time traveling movies.

In my opinion this topped The Butterfly Effect and is beating The Lake House by a finger nail! Not to mention eye candy (Eric Bana) shhhh... don't tell my husband, lol, is also starring in this movie. Now you do have to pay attention carefully, no matter how loud the stranger sitting next to you is chewing their popcorn in your ear. But, yeah, get everything you need before you sit down, because you don't want to miss a thing!!!

Okay now that my siskel & Roeper moment is over.....

I have other news, I have a person trainer now, yay me!!! Okay, maybe a little too excited right? Well, I joined the Navy at about 145, which was good for me at the time, I am 5' 7 so you see why I say that. Well, almost 12 years of marriage, two kids, 100 and so odd trips to any fast foodd chain you think of later, I have dropped and gained weight more than Oprah!

So, last week, I have told my self no more! I started going to the Gym, every other day faithfully and on off days I would go to this place we have here called Mt Trashmoore to walk (Fast Pace). So I have dropped five pounds so far. I am going to post my full body pic monday and will continue to do so in the same outfit (It will be clean, lol). This will be also to keep me motivated, can't post my pic here for the world to see me moving backwards, lol!

I hope that this will inspire others if they are having weight issues either with gaining or losing.

Alright, I will finally update my scrappy part of me tomorrow with some new projects that I have been working on. I also have been contemplating on putting a challenge or two on here, (sketch of course) Sooo.... if you are interested in me doing that, please shoot me an email over at and give me your opinion, followers and lurkers welcomed the same!

Happy Labor Day Weekend and Happy Scrapping~