Sunday, June 20, 2010

No Title Needed


It's been a long time I know. As you know I had a short 3 month deployment, then we had a huge inspection when returned as well as a follow up to the inspection. So my once normal working hours had increased to 12+ hours at work. I have sleep apnea, so this does not make it any better, so I have been super tired and had not been able to open up a scrap anything, as much as I really wanted to. I was on a design team and just could not do anything, I was going to drop, but she got me first, lol. Made things a lot easier. Wish her blog all the best!

So whats going on with me? My husband is finally moving down with me and the kids(after living in separate states for two years) Yay!! His job was just a lot better where he was. But, being all together will be a lot better. Plus I know he is tired of the commute every single weekend.

Lets see...after a few weeks of neglecting our own challenge blog and months of neglecting my spot here, I finally have something to post, lol. This was a card I did with an image from Robin's Fetish Stamps. It' s called "A Little Birdie Told Me". Make sure to stop by to see what other stamps she may have for your stamping fetish!

Well, in closing I just ask that everyone is patient with me, lol. I will be leaving for 7 months real soon, it's going to very hard for me to be with out my family and I will be in a new job actually working on the flight deck (Very Scary). I just ask for your prayers and for my safe return. In the meantime I will try and update more often and I will definitely post before I leave for deployment. I may have to email my husband my blog post and teach him how to update for me, lol (yeah right)! Have a great week!