Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to My Mother N Law

This is the inside of the card

This is the outside of the card

Well Today is my mother n laws birthday and at midnight I just could not wait to give her the card I had made her. Needless to say she was suprised and loved it. Now, its back to the hustle and bustle of the holidays, LOL. I have so much to accomplish in this little amount of time. The Christmas shopping is out of the way, now time to catch up with my grocery list. Oh did I mention I have another birthday to celebrate tomorrow? Yes, thats right, my husbands. I need to order him another cake, because the place I ordered it from, called this morning to tell me that their cake decorator was on vacation! Geez! You would think someone would have known. Well, anyway this is the card I made for my Mother n Law, I have not started on my husbands yet.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Back to School in a new place.

So, I can finally post my entry I submitted for a callenge I did. The challenge was faux embossing. I dont know, i love the way it looks in person, but not on camera, it seems as if so much is taken away. Then after it's too late, LOL, I notice that I have placed birds on a leaf as if it was a tree! What was I thinking? But I guess that what you get when you work 12 hour or more days and try to squeeze scrapping in at the last minute.

Well anywho... this was Morgans first day of school in our new home. Hopefully we will be here awhile, I know how hard it is being a military brat with both of my parents being Navy, now I have followed their path, he has gone through what I had to. Making new friends is not always the easiest, so I just hope I can stay in this area for quite awhile.

Monday, December 08, 2008

12 month shots long overdue

Well today Nya had to get immunizations and man was she mad at me! Well, only for a bit, at least until she got the sucker in her mouth. She is going to be even more upset, because we have to go back in six months and get her 6 month shot retaken, because they were not entered into the computer nor her shot record.

But I have a tough little cookie and I know she can make it through.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Live Laugh Love

Okay, so I am in a challenge that is run for so many weeks(not really sure how many, I forgot, LOL), but I came in first with my last project. The one with the butterflies. I was quite surprised because there were a lot of really good projects. So this week we had to work with transparancies. Usually with those, I would just throw them in the printer and print different fonts on them and go from there. Well, I tried to do something a little different and I made a LO out of it. I used some distressing techniques as well and I hope that it is appreciated when the voting comes in. I am nervous, because I am going up against a bunch of great woman. I have not added a pic yet, because I do want to find the right one. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flower Girl

So, I know it has been a while since I last posted, I have definitely got to get more conviction about doing so. I have done a couple of projects since. I really don't have time like I used to now that I have transfered to a new duty station. So the weekends is when I have a few hours to to try and catch up. Well this LO was done for a challenge that I am in over in cafemom. This is my second week and the callenge was faux stitching. This was the first time I had ever tried that technique, I think it was fairly easy but its hard judging your own work. So let me know what you think. The pics are of my daughter Nya and few months back when we visited my mom down in Florida, my mother bought her the purple outfit, which I thought was so cute on her. I swear Nya is my little diva!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Up Close and Personal

Here is another one of my favorites so far. I think also because this is my first time ever playing with raw chipboard and it was quite as hard as I thought, (once a friend gave me a little tip) Thanks Tracey!

There is a few more touches that I want to add to this LO, before I consider it complete. The LO to me is saying either love me or hate with all my flaws! In a million years would I ever thought about taking a picture of myself that close-up. I would have thought, "Are you crazy, I dont want people to see my freckles"! But over the years, I have learned to embrace them, and hey, I would not be me without them.

I absolutely loved working with the Hambly, it makes you think outside of the box, lol! I have more, just cooking up ideas on how to use them, they will really put your creativity to the test!

Now I know my creator didn't make no mistakes on me. Every Frecles on my face is where it supposed to be. - India Arie

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nya in The Spring

This is another LO, I had done not too long ago, but something felt like it was missing. So a few nights ago I went back and touched it up. It felt like I gave it a whole new makeover. I am really happy with the outcome and feel myself growing as a scrapper everyday.

I really love these pictures of Nya because they are just so natural and not forced(like I have to do with my 7 year old son, lol). With Nya, I dont have to hear, "Can I do a silly pose"? LOL! If I let him, every pose would be silly, but thats him, so I guess I should just let him be, right?

And Then There Were Two!

So yes, it has been awhile since I have blogged (got to better). But so much has happened since. Well I have moved from good ole Maryland down to Virginia! Big difference! I dont feel so home sick for Florida anymore, because Virginia Beach is such a big city and it reminds me of Jacksonville, Fl.

Well today, I finally checked into my command, so hi ho, hi ho, it back to work I go. Less time to scrap, not! I will find time.

This LO was done months ago at a crop I attended in N.J. and that my hubby was so nice to drive me there, but his sister lived not to far, so it worked out!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Feeling Scrappy

So I was actually able to get some scrapping of my own done, after months of doing swaps! Whew, glad those are over and I can take a breather. I love scrapping my kids, my daughter I tend to find easier to scrap than my son, I think thats because I have not made her sick of the camera yet. The first three LO's are a little older, the last were just done this week.
I still have a bit of work left on them though, so they are not completely finished.
When I get time, I will start posting what brands I actually used to do my LO's.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's been a Long Time Coming

So I have not posted on here in ages. Part of the reason is, my father passed away on the 12th of April. I was really not expecting this at all, but, I guess no one does right?
Sometimes I sit and think, this did not happen, especially to me. I did not lose my father, that only happens to people I know. I have been procrastinating to get on here and write, but I think I am finally string enough to do so.
I tell you what, my father, hahaha, he got on my nerves, and I am sure I got his, but I we loved each other in our own way.
He was very talented, in music and electronics, and I know I could never come close to the type of knowledge he held in that brain of his. He had a studio built for one of the artist he was trying to help make it out of Pensacola. This studio was built in the back yard of my parent house. It was sound proof and all. Eventually he started getting more local singers and rappers into the booth, and I was told he did not play! He did not want you in there if you did not have your lyrics memorized. Dad was about business and he was serious about it.
My father had made friends outside of the music side of his life, even though music was his first love. He was very good with computers and eventually opened up his own company, though very small, Beards Electronics. Everything he made from that went straight into the the studio. Wheather it was a new microphone, or headsets, it all went there.
To be cont....

Saturday, April 05, 2008

First Post, Random Thoughts

Well..... how can I start this off? Have you ever just sat and thought, why you were put on this earth? I know I have plenty of times. Sometimes, I don't know, other times I think I do. I know that I am definitely hear for two reasons, God and whatever plan he has for me and my children.

Have you ever wondered, wow things are not like they used to be? Why is it when I now go to Mcdonalds, I feel as if I am paying for a bun and not the meat. Remember as a kid a Big Mac was a BIG Mac? Now it's just a BIG Bun with a side of meat. (Smile)

Reality T.V.- Who doesn't like it? I do, I am not even going to lie. Some I can stand to do without, but it is sooo addictive. How many times have you sat there saying, "Hmph, he/she is stupid, I can't believe they are doing that!" ? But, have you ever thought if they did not, there would not be a show?

Do you truly value friendship? I do, and I feel that true friends can work through anything.....except murder, and may sleeping with your hubby, oh, and not coming to your baby shower when they said they would, and gives you this lame excuse of why they did not. So maybe not everything, but besides that, everything else is petty. Seriously if you think about it, it is probably not as serious as you thought. You have probably been hurt worse by a complete stranger. You are just hurt more because if the label "Friend". You want Jesus to forgive you, forgive your friend.

I do feel that I should be able to talk to my friend/friends about anything without fear of being stabbed in the back, or riddiculed for anything that I do. There is a lot more I can say, but I will just leave this as it is for now.

I dislike fast talkers, telemarketers that can't no for an answer, and mayo on my burger & drama.

I love my family, scrapbooking, chatting with my new found friends & Ghost Whisperer.

Random questions, that I do not always wonder about, but would interesting to know.

Can a person with 12 toes run faster than someone with 10?

Why do hitchhikers stick out their thumbs for a ride, why not just point your finger?

Why is it when we choke on something, we say it went down the wrong pipe? Since when was there two?

Why won't Tom from myspace change that damn picture?

Why wait behind ten cars at the gas station, when you can pull staright up to the retractable hose pump?

Why would Grocery Store build 12 checkout lanes, only to have 4 people

work each night, 3 people on a payday. maybe the stratagy is the longer you wait in line, the more probablity you are going to buy extra crap in in the checkout lane stands. That really irks me.

Well I am done and this is officially my first blog!