Tuesday, May 27, 2008

It's been a Long Time Coming

So I have not posted on here in ages. Part of the reason is, my father passed away on the 12th of April. I was really not expecting this at all, but, I guess no one does right?
Sometimes I sit and think, this did not happen, especially to me. I did not lose my father, that only happens to people I know. I have been procrastinating to get on here and write, but I think I am finally string enough to do so.
I tell you what, my father, hahaha, he got on my nerves, and I am sure I got his, but I we loved each other in our own way.
He was very talented, in music and electronics, and I know I could never come close to the type of knowledge he held in that brain of his. He had a studio built for one of the artist he was trying to help make it out of Pensacola. This studio was built in the back yard of my parent house. It was sound proof and all. Eventually he started getting more local singers and rappers into the booth, and I was told he did not play! He did not want you in there if you did not have your lyrics memorized. Dad was about business and he was serious about it.
My father had made friends outside of the music side of his life, even though music was his first love. He was very good with computers and eventually opened up his own company, though very small, Beards Electronics. Everything he made from that went straight into the the studio. Wheather it was a new microphone, or headsets, it all went there.
To be cont....