Saturday, April 05, 2008

First Post, Random Thoughts

Well..... how can I start this off? Have you ever just sat and thought, why you were put on this earth? I know I have plenty of times. Sometimes, I don't know, other times I think I do. I know that I am definitely hear for two reasons, God and whatever plan he has for me and my children.

Have you ever wondered, wow things are not like they used to be? Why is it when I now go to Mcdonalds, I feel as if I am paying for a bun and not the meat. Remember as a kid a Big Mac was a BIG Mac? Now it's just a BIG Bun with a side of meat. (Smile)

Reality T.V.- Who doesn't like it? I do, I am not even going to lie. Some I can stand to do without, but it is sooo addictive. How many times have you sat there saying, "Hmph, he/she is stupid, I can't believe they are doing that!" ? But, have you ever thought if they did not, there would not be a show?

Do you truly value friendship? I do, and I feel that true friends can work through anything.....except murder, and may sleeping with your hubby, oh, and not coming to your baby shower when they said they would, and gives you this lame excuse of why they did not. So maybe not everything, but besides that, everything else is petty. Seriously if you think about it, it is probably not as serious as you thought. You have probably been hurt worse by a complete stranger. You are just hurt more because if the label "Friend". You want Jesus to forgive you, forgive your friend.

I do feel that I should be able to talk to my friend/friends about anything without fear of being stabbed in the back, or riddiculed for anything that I do. There is a lot more I can say, but I will just leave this as it is for now.

I dislike fast talkers, telemarketers that can't no for an answer, and mayo on my burger & drama.

I love my family, scrapbooking, chatting with my new found friends & Ghost Whisperer.

Random questions, that I do not always wonder about, but would interesting to know.

Can a person with 12 toes run faster than someone with 10?

Why do hitchhikers stick out their thumbs for a ride, why not just point your finger?

Why is it when we choke on something, we say it went down the wrong pipe? Since when was there two?

Why won't Tom from myspace change that damn picture?

Why wait behind ten cars at the gas station, when you can pull staright up to the retractable hose pump?

Why would Grocery Store build 12 checkout lanes, only to have 4 people

work each night, 3 people on a payday. maybe the stratagy is the longer you wait in line, the more probablity you are going to buy extra crap in in the checkout lane stands. That really irks me.

Well I am done and this is officially my first blog!


Bee said...

Congrats and let me be one of the firsts to welcome you to the wonderful world of blogging! I'm actually pretty new to it myself, I started mine a few weeks ago so there's not much ... I should have called it "A Work In Progress" *L*

Take Care & God Bless!
"scrapping bee"